Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is an increased fluid pressure in the eye and is the major cause of blindness in pets.

Primary Glaucoma

This is an inherited trait. Our doctors are aware that certain breeds of dogs and cats have a predisposed risk of developing increased intraocular pressure and so part of our annual exam/consultation may be the recommendation that your pet have their 'eye pressure' checked, even if there are no visible signs of ocular change that are evident.

Secondary Glaucoma

This occurs when certain diseases or injury decrease the ability of the eye to drain fluid. One of the most common diseases is when the lens develops cataracts with the diseased lens shifting within the eye. Symptoms related to glaucoma can include: * Pain - you may see a loss of appetite, depression, or pawing at the eye * Dilated pupils which do not constrict with increased light * Corneal clouding * Blood-shot eyes * Loss or decreased vision

Owner observation of any of the above symptoms and having our doctors evaluate for the presence of glaucoma can lead to early medical intervention which can minimize the advancement of ocular disease.

Our hospital utilizes the Reichard Tono-pen Avia tonometer. This state of the art instrument measures intra ocular pressure, can be done as part of the office visit exam, is painless to your pet, and is relatively inexpensive to perform.