Digital Radiology

Improvements in Technology

Digital Radiology has greatly improved the veterinary profession's ability to diagnose both soft tissue and orthopedic disease in companion animals over previous x-ray technologies. Our recently updated Summit DXR radiology unit allows us to quickly take multiple views of the selected anatomy and quickly transfer that image, in less than five seconds, to a computer screen.

Environmentally Friendly

Digital Technology eliminates the use of all developing chemicals and water. With no waste products, our hospital can say 'WE HAVE GONE GREEN'. The use of digital technology also lowers energy use and reduces radiation exposure to both staff and patients.

Owner Friendly

Our hospital is also equipped with the client viewing technology that allows our doctors to consult with pet owners and mutually view patient x-rays, with the ultimate goal of every owner leaving our hospital with a better understanding of their pets diagnosis. If co-owners or family members cannot attend a consultation, our technology also allows us to easily email you a copy of your pets radiographs for home viewing.