Our Difference


If your pet doesn't feel well, it's no fun to be told that you must wait several days. Our staff will make every effort to schedule an evaluation for your pet as soon as possible.

We love dogs and cats

Almost 100 percent of our patients are dogs and cats. We love them. Your pets are not really dogs and cats, they are family, as are their owners. We have many clients that have shared with us, 'I started coming to Hillmount when you were in the trailer (our first hospital in 1989). We are now providing patient care for three generations of owners: grandparents, parents, and now their grandchildren.

Minimal Wait Time

All of us live in a busy world, and our time is very important to us. While we understand that your pet's medical well being is of utmost concern to you, our staff also understands that you, as a pet owner, do not want to hang out in our waiting room for an extended period of time. While we cannot always predict the unexpected medical emergency, our Hillmount staff will make every effort to see your pet at your scheduled appointment time.

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